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INNO-THERM / Metisse recycled denim insulation


Our straw bale classroom has all kinds of eco-friendly features on top of the straw itself, from non-toxic clay plaster surfaces to low-impact cob reading nooks.

Another way we’re reducing the classroom’s impact on the environment is through the floor and ceiling insulation:


INNO-THERM/Metisse is a unique insulation material which is made from recycled denim and cotton.

It can be used just like regular building insulation, but has a number of features which make it a much better choice for our eco-classroom:

  • It’s non-toxic, ensuring a safer environment for children and others using the classroom.
  • It’s non-itch and chemical-free – much safer for builders working on-site who will be handling the insulation.
  • It’s made from 80% recycled waste, reducing landfill
  • …and it can be recycled again after use if needed!
  • On top of this, it takes 70% less energy than regular insulation to manufacture.
  • It has an excellent U-value of 0.19 – this means that its insulative properties far exceed building regulation requirements, so it will keep the classroom warm in winter and cool in summer, in turn reducing energy bills for the school.

Find out more about INNO-THERM/Metisse on the website: inno-therm.com

INNO-THERM in the classroom floor

INNO-THERM in the roof


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