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Give your home a Hobbit house makeover

19 November 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Tired of hard edges and harsh colours? It’s time to take things back to a simpler time with a home interior inspired by Bilbo Baggins. Choose natural materials, rounded edges and cosy lighting to make your home a haven.

My favourite parts of the Lord of the Rings films are the bits before anything really happens, when they are all just hanging out in the Shire. I can’t get enough of those houses with the round doorways and tunnel-like corridors. What is it about them that makes them so alluring, and how can it be recreated in a real home? Here are some top tips for injecting just the right amount of hobbit into your home:

1. Rounded edges

Those circular doors and windows really make the Hobbit houses distinctive and cute. In real life, recreating a full circle in external walls might be a little impractical. That’s no reason not to go for a rounded effect, though. Curvy skirting boards, window frames and doorways will soften the edges of your home – you’ll never want to see a right angle again. Check out these rounded doorways on for inspiration.

2. Natural materials

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it can be harder than you might think. That plastic-coated coffee table from Ikea might seem like a bargain – but to really get the natural effect you’ll need some commitment to natural materials. Again, think of rounded shapes: ceramics, polished wood in its natural state and smooth stone. Pick a light earthy colour like terracotta and the effect will be warm and comforting.

3. Glowing lights

Modern spotlights would be out of place in your nestlike Hobbit house: here, it’s got to be daylight or firelight, nothing else will do. Of course, we’re not all blessed with huge windows or the time to build a fire every day. You can create the same look by choosing your lamps and bulbs carefully. Go for glowing orange shades to brighten up dark corners, and don’t be afraid to accessorise with hurricane lamps and candles.

4. Plan that layout

Another things I’ve noticed about the Hobbit house: it’s small and tunnel-like but not claustrophobic. This is because you can always see through an archway into a room beyond, and perhaps a room beyond that. Planning your home layout carefully can help you to achieve this too. Aligning windows, corridors and angles in the right way will help to create a feeling of spaciousness and continuity.

5. Get close to nature

The biggest draw of a Hobbit house is its interaction with the natural world outside. Think about it: grassy roofs, bunnies hopping around the lawn, roses around the door: the house’s interaction with its surroundings is the key to its charm. You can get the look with a sedum roof, beautiful creepers, and a gorgeous stepping stone front path. This beautiful Hobbit holiday home from Canopy and Stars will give you the idea!

Are you ready to give your home the Hobbit treatment? Call us on 01706 813777 or email [email protected] to get started!

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