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Distinctive, beautiful garden furniture

18 June 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

How often have you seen an old bench in a garden, plonked in a corner and left to moulder?

Garden furniture makes a huge difference to your outside space but unless it is carefully chosen, it’s all too easy to spend lots of money on something that never gets used. Greenstone Design can help you choose unique, distinctive pieces that will complement your garden and call out to be used and loved.

To get the most out of garden seating, we’ll help you need to identify the best location for it.

You want somewhere where it will not get in the way, but will provide lovely things to look at all year round. Perhaps there’s a good spot under your favourite tree, tucked under a wisteria with beautiful fragrant blossoms or next to your wildlife pond so you can spot water lilies and frogs as they develop. If your garden is on the small side you might want to prioritise privacy – finding that perfect spot where your neighbours can’t see you or you are shielded from traffic noise. We can help you build screens and choose plants to create peaceful, comfortable nooks for chilling out.

If you’re not keen on messing around pots of sealant and stain every few years to protect garden furniture, companies like Kedel offer British-made recycled furniture that looks brilliant and will last a lifetime without any painting, storing or splinters! On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more characterful why not consider using wood grown or reclaimed locally? There’s a real sense of connection with your local area if you know your seat grew in a nearby wood, or is crafted from railway sleepers which led the way for countless passengers. We can help you find local craftspeople to make just the special piece you want.

What do you want from your garden furniture?

Whether you are in love with traditional design or go weak at the knees for something modern and metallic, there is something out there perfect for you – but it might not be in your local DIY store! Why not look through Decomag’s ideas about the different options available and give us a call to discuss your needs?

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Michelle Gaffaney
Michelle Gaffaney - Architectural Director
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