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Wonders of Wood!

16 March 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Wood not only brings nature into your home adding a calming sense to your rooms, but it also adds texture, and warmth, it is practical hard-wearing, and beautiful, so why not have it as part of your life? Here are ways wood can be a part of your home:

  1. Create an extended head board with wood panels. This will add beauty, depth and texture to your bedroom, then add in a wooden bed and floor to pull your scheme together. Or you could also use wooden panels to create a dividing wall to separate a bedroom, a dressing room, or bath area.2-bedroom-irena
  2. Bring the outside in by linking your garden and living area using matching wooden flooring (or wood-effect) throughout. Lay planks lengthways if you want to elongate the area and give the illusion of a larger space. You should opt for a hard wearing material with a high slip-resistant rating for added safety.                                                              muniellos-wood_effect-tiles-honey-1000-2_3
  3. Real wood is a material perfect for revamping. It is hard wearing and will last a long time making it great to work with. Rather then replacing your old wood, or buying brand new wood, why not look to upcycle what you already have or source out old wood from elsewhere, saving you money in the process.                                                                                                             3af7ee66d44a68be124a26af12476ff4
  4. Wood panelling added to any room gives the space a completely different feel. You can add texture and depth, and colour (especially if you decide to paint them). If you decided it is time to give the room a little update you could simply just repaint the panels in a new colour which would give the room a refresh without having to spend lots to do so.                   8cf89bd7-136c-40d2-b7c5-367f70976403
  5. You don’t just have to use wooden planks for floors, they can be used for walls and doors too. Want to go for the full look? kit your space out with wooden floors, wooden cladded walls, and/or wooden cladded doors. Sliding wooden doors installed into your room provide a great sliding divider that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your space.        842d2d1d867412638473433e0d6901eb
  6. Wanting a wooden floor that is just that bit different? Then it may be time to look at luxury vinyl flooring, which offers a variety of patterns to suit the look your going for.  f014cbe75f09678085123fb4a0806591
  7. It may be that wooden panels are a little on the pricey side? Maybe you don’t want to commit to such a change? Either way don’t despair there is actually wood-effect wallpaper available to buy. It looks remarkably real and is easy to remove if you change your mind.    36356de8ac34e25e3adb5535080d8bc7
  8. Don’t want to go too heavy on the wood? Then try this simple but effective trick……Line the back of your open shelves, bookcases etc with a simple sheet of plywood.     34c96aafb6f0b87e5b7a7135fec230c7
  9. Instead of having tiles around your kitchen how about having a wooden splashback instead, this will add character and warmth to any kitchen.                    Sback Walnut BB
  10. You could create a spa haven in your very own bathroom by changing to wood effect tiles on your floor, walls, and even bath surround.                                     large

Should you go real or fake?

  • To maintain a perfect finish, with a colour/style that wont change over time, go for a wood-effect design. However, if you like the way wood naturally changes colour as it ages then go for the real deal.
  • What you use could depend on the environment it is going to be used in. For example, in a wet space such as a bathroom where there is water and temperature changes. Real wood could warp and expand, you would be better looking at wood-effect materials instead.
  • How long do you want it to last? A good quality wood floor could last 75 years or more, whereas laminate is more like 20 years. Also you can re-sand, and change the finish of a real wooden floor which you can’t do with laminate.

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