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Ways you can boost your kerb appeal!

05 February 20 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Kerb appeal does matter! The first thing a buyer will notice is the outside of your house! So it is important that you have the exterior of your home looking tip top too.

Having your home clean, tidy, and presentable on the outside helps create a good initial impression for passersby and potential buyers. Here are some tips on how to give your home kerb appeal without breaking the bank.

Cleanliness is key!

One quick and easy way to boost your kerb appeal is to spend a few days giving the exterior of your home a deep clean. It is not just about trimming the bushes and mowing the lawn, you also need to get the hose out! Have your hose set to the strongest setting and power wash your window frames, paths, and driveway too. Also hire in a window cleaner or if you have the right equipment clean them yourself, inside and out for maximum sparkle.


A lick of paint!

Peeling, faded paint can really age a property, by regularly giving parts of the outside of your home a fresh lick of paint can really spruce it up. Wooden doors, wooden window frames, fencing, sheds, or garden furniture are prime places to keep on top of.

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Effective Lighting!

Replacing or upgrading old light fittings will not only improve the look of your home but could also give you the opportunity to have different lighting effects too. You don’t want your back yard lit up like a sports field when you are relaxing on a night. Get a good electrician to come and advise you on the many different outdoor options available. Lights built into decking, solar lights garden decorations, and wall lights are just a few examples to consider.


Not over the top!

Everyone has their own style which is fine but when it comes to selling your home you may need to rein it in a little. Keep the exterior of your home as quirk free and as neutral as you can without making it too boring either. If you have any ‘in your face’ type items in your gardens then store them away until you move! People want to be able to visualise themselves living there and if there is too much going on this can be challenging.

Add some life!

If the only bit that is green and living in your garden is your lawn you may want to think about a little makeover. Plant a tree or two (if there is room), or fill your flower beds with a variety of colourful, beautiful flowers, or get lots of beautiful pots and planters and fill them instead. Most people like to see more then just the grass growing in a garden.


Your Entrance!

As your potential buyers walk up the path to their potential new home, are they dodging potholes, or tripping over flagstones? Yes? Then it is time to look into getting your path upgraded either by resurfacing the old tarmac or relaying your current flagstones. The last thing you want is your buyers first impression to be a trip to A&E.


Finally, Hide the eyesores!

Ideally if possible you want to hide anything that draws your potential buyers eyes away from the positives of your home. This could be eyesores such as old air vents protruding from the walls of your property, these can be easily covered with some creative thinking, such as using lattice fencing to create a trendy cover. You could also create a nice bin store using this method too.


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