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Office design that inspires new ideas

11 June 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

There’s a breath of fresh air breezing into UK office culture.

Inspired the workplaces of snazzy tech start-ups in the Silicon Valley, more and more businesses are realising that a well-designed environment gives them the edge in recruiting and keeping the hottest talent. So, what’s the secret? It’s all about fun. Take a look at Business Bee’s round-up of the latest office designs to get the idea.

Office environments can be so stuffy and straight-laced. Of course, it’s important to be professional but increasingly businesses are finding that a certain air of playfulness helps them engage with customers, develop new ideas and work more flexibly. It’s harder to come up with a daring new idea in a dull grey environment.

Design to unlock potential

So what does a modern, playful office look like? The Capital Factory in Austin, Texas is a good example. Workers each have a white workstation with their own personal storage units. It all looks modern but unexceptional until you check out the ceiling – up there it’s a shiny space-age spaghetti junction of silver pipes and wires. Bright, clean and fun.

The conference room looks normal enough too, but its entrance is hidden behind a bookcase. A great way to grab the imagination of a new client before a meeting has even started. The lunch room looks great too – the open design makes it look welcoming and there is a mix of different types of seating, so you can choose to sit alone or with a group. So much more inspiring than a ham sandwich on a windy park bench!

This kind of design doesn’t just make everyone in the office feel more positive, it has solid business benefits too. Some of the best ideas come from people in different departments putting their heads together to solve a problem – with a cheerful communal lunchroom where colleagues can meet, the ideas will soon be bouncing off the walls.

Attention to Detail

Don’t have the budget for a full-scale office refit? You can still inject a bit of fun into the workplace by focusing on small but important elements. Transform a windswept weedy yard into a lunchtime games haven by adding a ping pong table or swingball set. Liven up a boring meeting room with a new colour scheme and a blackboard wall. At Greenstone we’ll take the time to understand the character of your business so we can make sure the design hits the right note.

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Michelle Gaffaney
Michelle Gaffaney - Architectural Director
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