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5 top myths about colour in interior design

21 September 15 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Many people labour under the impression that there are hard and fast rules about colour. Most of the time, rules can be broken in particular circumstances. I was reminded of this by an article on Freshome recently, so I thought I’d share some of the top misconceptions about colour in interior decor.

1. White ceilings make your home look more spacious

Not necessarily! Colourful ceilings are very popular at the moment and in the right space with the right lighting, they can be very effective. If your ceiling has some special detail such as beams or plaster mouldings, colour can also be very effective to draw attention to these attractive features.

2. Dark colours are depressing

The way dark colours affect a space all depends on the amount and quality of light in that room. Sometimes a strong colour can be overpowering in a small room, but then again a pale colour can emphasise shadows and make a small space look darker. There are tricks with saturated pigments, reflective surfaces and soft furnishings that can help make your chosen colour work.

3. White rooms are harsh and uninviting

People are often a bit scared of using white, thinking they will end up with some kind of minimalist 1960s home. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When layered with warm light sources and touches of colour, white can be gentle and welcoming. It needs to be paired with simple natural surfaces like chrome and polished wood.

4. Every room needs a different theme and palette

It’s ok, guests to your house will pick up your personality without having to make a statement all the time. Colours and interior design can really impact on your mood, and if spaces in your home clash you will pick up on the conflict. Choosing a complete palette for your home will work best and be subtle rather than jarring.

5. Neutral colours are boring

Sometimes neutral colours are just right for a space, helping to evoke calm feelings and natural environments. For example, pale green or beige can be a great colour for a laid-back living room. With a little spice injected by some brighter colours in cushions and other touches, neutral colours can have plenty of personality.

What design myths are holding you back from achieving your ideal home? Why not get in touch on 01706 813777 and we can help sort fact from fiction. In the meantime, why not have a look at the London Design Collective’s 6 Bathroom Design Myths?

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