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The art of paint!

17 June 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Let us help inspire you with these great ideas to create a colourful, and fun home!

1. Use it all over! 

Have you found a paint colour you love? Then don’t just use it on your walls, pop it on other places in the room too, such as the door, radiators, and skirtings. Or go for a similar shade so there is still some contrast to give it an edge!


2. Make your view stand out!

Is there a part of your room that takes centre stage? Somewhere you would like eyes to be drawn to? Then use paint to give the area an impact! By using a contrasting colour you can make the area really pop out. For example, painting the inside of a window recess, like in our image below.


 3. Get creative!

Can’t find a wallpaper design you love? Then why not get creative and design your own? Or get a professional in to do it for you. You can get an idea down on paper then draw, use masking tape, or both to create your design on your walls before whipping on your paint!


4. And what about the floor?

There is no reason your artistic painting skills have to be contained to the walls, get creative with your floor too. Using stencils to paint patterns on to your flooring can create a great impact to a room! Firstly make sure your floor is clean, then put on 2 layers bonding primer, 2 layers of paint, and once dry start with your art work. Once you have stencilled and filled in with your chosen colours pop on a water based varnish to finish.


5. And then there is the staircase….

Have you got a wooden staircase? Yes, then why not get creative here too? The ombre effect is very much in for painting this year, and this effect doesn’t just have to be on your walls, you could hit your stairs with it too! Start with a darker shade of your chosen colour at the bottom, getting gradually lighter as you go up, like in our image below;


6. Let those borders wow!

By popping a lick of fresh paint on your door frames and borders, you will instantly change the feeling in a space. However, why stick to standard white? Give your space a real wow factor by using a new shade of colour, you don’t have to stick to neutrals, make that room zing with bright colours ,such as yellows, and oranges for example.


7. Finally, Block colours!

Worried a strong colour will be too much? or want to break colours up? Then why not split the colour on the walls into two, top section one colour, bottom section another. One coloured could be strong and bright and the other more neutral to calm the room down a little. To avoid too many colours, paint the skirtings same colour as the bottom section too. To get that perfect break in the middle use masking tape and a leveling tool.


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