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Make your home feel like a castle

04 July 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

You might not be able to afford that huge country mansion this year, but don’t despair. Our ten top tips will help you make your home feel like a castle, whatever its size.

1. An amazing front door

Front doors are like lipstick for houses – plain ones are fine, but something colourful and shapely with a huge shiny knocker will make you feel great every time you come home. We can help you choose something affordable but wonderful.

2. Get a handle on it

It’s the little touches that make stately homes feel special. Think of all those tiny vases of flowers in dull corners, or ornate curtain ties with huge tassels. Investing in touches of luxury like special door handles, light switches or fittings will make a huge difference to the way it feels to be in your house.

3. A breathtaking garden

You don’t need a full-time gardener to have a breathtaking garden. With a bit of planning, even the smallest garden can be a place of inspiration and relaxation all year round. Why not grow towering delphiniums, spectacular alliums or a regal rose garden? The secret is careful planning so that your garden is full of interesting shapes and stunning colours all year round.

4. A four-poster bed

Ok, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there is nothing like waking up in a four-poster to kick-start your day. The effect is even better if you can get your other half to bring you a hot cup of tea every morning.

5. An orderly hallway

Stately homes make a strong impression the minute you cross the threshold. You don’t need a maidservant to take your coat and hat – with the right furniture you can shed your outdoor things in an instant and create a sense of order and neatness that will spread through the house. Furniture options include antiques, built-in storage or something beautifully repurposed.

6. Real paintings

Pictures are such a focal point in a room, adding colour and character. Posters are all well and good, but for a really unique look you can’t beat a proper painting. Why not commission a painting by a local artist? It could be a portrait or an image of your favourite place or possession. We can help you build your room around the picture to emphasise it, choosing just the right fittings and colours to bring out the character.

7. A knock-out fireplace

Do you have an unloved fireplace that you dream of turning into a feature? Whether you want to go for a wood burning stove, have a roaring open fire or just find a way of keeping out draughts while making it look great, we’ll be able to help.

8. Homely rugs

We love rugs. There are so many shapes, sizes and textures and they make such a difference to a room. Stately homes usually choose just the right colours and textures. We can show you how to choose something to enhance your home while keeping your toes warm!

9. A sociable games room

Get on your smoking jacket, steady your monocle and grab a quick martini – it’s time for billiards! Games rooms are so atmospheric. It’s all in the lighting: keep it moody, with lots of lamps and velvety surfaces. It doesn’t have to be billiards – an activity room can be used for table tennis, board games or crafts projects. It’s a brilliant way to bring families together and much more fun than TV!

10. Being the boss

It sounds corny, but the best thing about being lord or lady of your own castle is that you’re top dog. We want to work with you to find out what will suit your taste and lifestyle – just see us as your very own design butler! Get in touch today to see how we can transform your home into your own special, stately sanctuary.

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