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The Growing Acceptance of Eco Design as an Integral Part of Good Design!

03 April 18 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

First it was the forward-thinking architects and designers who would incorporate ecological thinking into the design process. These architects often provided a niche service that was of interest to a few pioneers. A bit whacky.

Straw and hemp was incorporated in to architectural designs for clients that were prepared to take the risk of using an unknown material. To some extent this is still the case.

But things have changed considerably. We have a national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes – the Code for Sustainable Homes.  And large companies are using natural materials as the main construction material for their new developments. More designers are experimenting with natural materials but it is still those architectural designers who are prepared to ‘do differently’ that are suggested less conventional materials to clients.

Large companies are using ecological design as part of their core messages to customers. Marks and Spencer are committed to go one step further with their new buildings.

Our approach to eco design

Greenstone Design’s philosophy is to provide the client with their dream design.  At the same we are looking at how to incorporate eco design options as well. If a new extension can be designed to incorporate passive solar heating then we will endeavour to make this happen. Rising energy prices means that eco design is becoming a concern for all of us.

We look forward to seeing how the national picture changes and more and more architectural companies support eco design. In the mean time we will continue to make sure that this is a forefront of our minds for all our developments no matter how big or small.


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Michelle Gaffaney
Michelle Gaffaney - Architectural Director
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