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The Wonders Of Marble!

23 September 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Who doesn’t love the elegant feel that marble brings to a home? It is classic material that works in any home and with any design. Marble has a variety of patterns, so you can go strong and bold, or subtle and sheek, there is a marble to suit all. Here are some inspiring ideas on how to use marble in your home:

  • Go wow! with some amazing splashbacks! Have a light coloured marble against a solid dark backdrop to create a high impact look.


  • Getting creative with marble in your kitchen doesn’t have to stop at your work tops, why not create a kitchen island that really stands out!


  • Want your floor to stand out? Then get adventurous with a geometric marble floor pattern.


  • You don’t need to just have an amazing floor, you can have an amazing wall too!


  • Another great place for the classy marble look is in the bathroom.


  • Want to create something unique? Then get playful with marble tiles.


  • Upcycle your old furniture with some marble stickers!


  • Finally, why keep marble to the interior of your home? When you could create a gorgeous patio space to die for!


If you do decided to get marble in your home then you will need to take care of it, here are some quick tips:

  1. Prevention – some liquids could stain or eat away at your marbles surface creating dull spots. However, if you seal your marble every few months with a good sealant, use the right cleaning products, and use placemats or coasters then this should help keep it looking tip top.
  2. Cleaning – make sure you clean your marble regularly with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, afterwards ensure you dry thoroughly to prevent any absorption that could cause staining. With a marble floor avoid using a hoover and turn to a dust mop instead.
  3. Stains – If you spot a stain act quickly to try avoid full absorption into the marble. However, if the stain happened a while beforehand, try a mix of baking powder with ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide applied to the stain for up to 48 hours.
  4. Scratches – If you want to remove scratches that have occurred gently rub the area with warm water, and a soft cloth. For the deeper scratches use a very fine grain sandpaper, if neither of these options work contact a professional.

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Michelle Gaffaney
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