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Is there an order to unpacking in your new home?

21 December 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

You have got the keys to your new home and the removal company are in the process of filling it with boxes of your belongings, but what do you unpack first? Well here is a recommended strategy just for you!

The removal van has gone and your stood in your new home surrounded by boxes, tired, possibly hungry, and no doubt a little stressed. However, your moving adventure hasn’t finished yet, you need to unpack, and make your new place feel like home, but where do you start?


First of all!

There are 3 important things to do before you unpack:

  • Clean and prep your home! It is easier when unpacking to start off with a spotless home, wipe down shelves, clean windows, mop floors, and clear any rubbish left behind. If you don’t have chance prior to moving in and it is too much to do when your first move in, think about hiring professionals to do it for you prior to your arrival.
  • Check and organize your belongings! Once delivery of your items has finished check the boxes and household items against your list (if you have done one) to make sure nothing is damaged or missing. Then take the boxes/items to the room they belong.
  • Place major furniture and appliances! Position all your big and major pieces of furniture to where you want them, then after you can put any smaller items when you unpack directly where they belong. Planning where items are going to go prior to unpacking will again make this process easier.

The necessities:

Remember it is important to make sure you keep essential items accessible, hopefully if you have been organised when packing these items will be in a box clearly labelled. You will want to unpack all essential items first before anything else. Essential items can be items such as;

Bedding – It is unlikely you will get chance to unpack your whole bedroom straight away so ensure you have easy access to your bedding so least you have something to sleep in if it comes to it. As long as you have bedding, a change of clothes, and curtains this is the main thing the rest of your room can get done when your ready.

Bathroom – You will definitely need personal care items, toiletries, and possibly medicines so these should also be a priority to put on your essential items list. Put out toilet paper, soap, and towels for toilet use, as well as your toiletries so you can wash away the grime and aches at the end of the day.

Kitchen – this is one of the longest rooms generally to unpack, and organise properly because of the large number of items that generally need sorting. Once you have your large appliances in and hooked up, such as your fridge, then it is time to move on to your smaller items, such as plates, glasses etc.


Kids and/or pets!

If you have younger children it is probably wise to have a box on hand that has some toys, or colouring items in to keep them occupied and settled for a while, while your unpacking your initial items in your new home. Again if you have a pet think of the essentials they might need too such as their food, litter trays, or toys.


Once you have unpacked the three most essential rooms – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – everything else can go at bit of a steadier pace.  Unless you have some deadline to meet, just take your time unpacking and putting everything in order, and make sure you prioritise. You will soon have a home that looks more like a home and less like a warehouse!

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