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New office in Todmorden

29 October 13 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

After 25 years of working from home it is time to come to town

Although many people might think that an architectural designer sits in front of a drawing board all the time that has not been our typical experience. Greenstone Design have always been very hands on with the projects we design. Lots of site visits, working with contractors and visiting clients and suppliers. So working from home hasn’t been a lonely existence. The time spent at home on the computer and drawing fits in around all the real doing, talking stuff of finding out what people want and working on site.  In fact sometimes it is really good to hole in and get down to some quiet drawing practice. Usually with a candle burning and some music playing. But the local connections and the people we work with is what makes a really good day at Greenstone Design.

It is really important to us to work with local trades people, not because of the latest vogue for Localism and business networking but because it is fun and has really worked for us. It makes sense to build long lasting partnerships with local people and to share work, skills and experience. And especially in Todmorden where there is always another secret to find out, another creative whacky idea that someone is doing . . . it was the logical next step for us to open up shop in the centre of town.

So we moved into 10 Rochdale Road. Todmorden on the 9th October 2013

It has been a brilliant move. In these first few months many people have walked in asking questions about what we do. Just today William Tew, 4th Generation cabinet makers came in to tell us about their stunning furniture design. We have also been chatting with Incredible Edible Todmorden about getting some planters along the bottom of the windows. But more about that later! And of course it is great to be opposite The Bear Co-op for café treats and food shopping.

So please do come in and see us. We are always happy to find out about new extensions, homes or any plans that you may need help with designing. We also have 2 of our new houses for sale in Walsden and we are happy to show people around.

After moving here 9 years ago it is great to be part of such a beautiful town centre. Thank you Todmorden for being so welcoming!

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Michelle Gaffaney
Michelle Gaffaney - Architectural Director
With a wealth of experience working on a range of projects, Michelle Gaffaney has a passion for design and strong relationships with her clients. Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn