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Get your lawn ready for the summer!

13 January 20 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

There is nothing worse then having a patchy sparse lawn, so here are some tips to help you get your lawn ready for summer!

Spring will soon be upon you and you will want to be out in your lovely garden, but your lawn is looking rather glum. Some lawns are patchy, some lawns are sparse, and some lawns are full of weeds. However, with some basic spring maintenance you can get your lawn ready and make your neighbours green with envy! Try these tips to prepare your lawn before the weather gets too warm.

Don’t let the weeds wage war!

To prevent weeds taking over in the first place ensure you are mowing, irrigating, and feeding your lawn properly. However, if weeds are already ruling the place then drastic measures may need to be taken. Use a pre-emergent herbicide to stop warm weather weeds before they start to sprout, and remove any weeds nearby too as their seeds can travel onto your lawn as well.

If you have bare patches on your lawn we recommend you get some lawn seed down on them as soon as possible so weeds don’t sprout and get a foothold.


MOT for your lawn Mower!

Your lawn mower needs to be maintained regularly or it will stop working. Over the winter months while it isn’t really in use, give your lawn mower a good check over clean it down, oil it up, and replace any bits that look like they are on their way out.

You will also want to ensure the blades are replaced or sharpened, as a dull blade makes your grass more susceptible to disease. Also if you own a ride on Mower top up the air in your tires for a more even and comfortable ride.


Get rid of the thatch!

Thatch is the spongy layer of dead grass that builds up on your lawn. Having a thin layer of thatch is normal and healthy because it protects the soil, roots, and beneficial organisms. However, when it gets about an inch tall, drought, weeds, and other issues occur.

Thatch is most likely to build up on lawns that have acidic, or compacted soil, or that have been excessively treated with herbicides/pesticides. If you suffer regularly with a thatch issue on your lawn, prevent it with core aeration. This lets air reach the soil, which in turn promotes organisms that will naturally break down thatch and help solve the issue. Use a vertical mower or power rake if the thatch is an inch or thicker.


Give it life with some more seeds!

If your lawn looks beyond redemption consider starting again with it. Dig up all of the existing lawn until your back to a black canvas of soil. You may then need to put down some more soil to replace any lost when digging up the old lawn. Then you need to look at the variety of grass seeds there is and pick one right for your region, get advice from an expert if you need to. You will need a couple of days in which to get your new grass down.

Put new top soil or composted manure down onto your existing soil, then lay down the planting seeds as instructed on the package. After you have evenly planted your grass it will need watering but be careful not to over do it and drown the seeds. You will need to water the grass regularly though until the seeds become established. If you don’t want to wait the length of time it takes to grow a lawn from seed you can always purchase strips of established grass from a lawn company.

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Get into good habits!

If you don’t already have a schedule in place for regular maintenance of your lawn, then start one now. Look at the instructions on the products you are using to feed your lawn, maintain your lawn, and weed your lawn to see what they advise you to do times wise. Make sure you pencil dates in your calendar so you don’t forget or get off track.

Get started right by mowing more often on a higher setting and alternating directions. If your lawn also seems to be running away into surrounding areas define your boundaries and remove any excess grass. Using a strimmer or an edger can help keep the boundaries tidy and clear.

By following a good schedule and using the correct tools, and products you can and will have a lovely lush lawn ready to be the envy of all by summer!

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