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The downstairs toilet!

08 September 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

You should never underestimate the blessing and convenience of a downstairs toilet! You may think it’s just a toilet whats the fuss? However, your downstairs WC could be so much more!

Most people pay little attention to their downstairs toilet, after all its just a toilet, and most the time it is the smallest room in the house. However, it can be a pretty important and useful room, one obvious advantage is it means guests never have to adventure upstairs if you don’t want them to. These days most newly built houses have a downstairs toilet already, but older properties generally have to fit a toilet into their under stairs space, or utility areas.

When it comes to decor most people just give the toilet area a lick of paint and a mirror and leave it at that, yet there is no reason the toilet can’t be as lavish as the rest of your house, there are no rules to what you can do, the only limit is your imagination. Another bonus of this wonderful small space is that even with a limited budget you can make it amazing. Go for that expensive wall paper as you probably will only need  one roll, get those amazing tiles as you won’t need too many, and while you are at it, decorate that ceiling too!

Don’t worry just because it is a small space doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of space boosting tricks you can use to make better use of the limited area. You can’t make the room any bigger but you certainly can make it more efficient. Here are some ideas on how to make your downstairs toilet more amazing.

  • Don’t have a house with a downstairs toilet already in place? Then why not turn your utility/laundry room into a space for multiple uses. You could have the toilet, and your washing machine, dryer etc all in there, nicely tucked away in in-built cupboards under the hand sink.


  • Another option is to convert under the stairs! You would need to consult with a plumber in regards to the waste pipes to the area, and think about where is best to situate the WC, you don’t want people to be hitting their heads!


  • To save space, use your WC as a cloakroom too!


  • If you have the space, get freestanding storage, this will gain you that extra storage most people want, as well as be easy to remove when/if you leave.

download (1)

  • Got a nice spacious downstairs toilet? Then why not add a shower! This is great for if you have guests staying.


  • Get creative, there is no reason your toilet can’t be a lavish space too!

images (1)


  • Don’t just wallpaper the walls! Wallpapered ceilings are huge right now so why not try it out on your new, trendy toilet?

download (2)

  • Use mirrors to give the feel of a larger space.

download (3)


Finally, a few tips:

  • Make sure you install a radiator, it may be a small room but it can still get pretty chilly!
  • Ensure a lock is installed even if it is a multi use room, no one likes to get caught out.
  • Get a handy toilet roll shelf to keep yourself stocked up, nobody likes to get caught short.
  • Get some nice hand soaps and scents etc, you have a nice toilet now so show it off fully.

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