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Making the most of a small garden

01 June 15 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Is your garden on the small side? No problem! With a bit of imagination and design know-how, even the tiniest garden can be made into something wonderful.

Small is beautiful. If your home doesn’t have a rolling croquet lawn and massive orchard, you’re not alone – and you’re saved a lot of mowing! We can help you make the most of your garden in a low-maintenance, unique and imaginative way. There are lots of options to help you make the most of your compact space.

Think about light levels

Gardens aren’t just about appearances. They can have a big impact on your house interior too, if you plant in a way that blocks the light. We can help you work out the impact on your home of a planting scheme and choose trees and plants with the right height and foliage levels, so they will look good but not block out the light.

If you’re not keen on trees, have poor soil or want a super low-maintenance option, using pots is an excellent choice. All sorts of shrubs and plants will grow in pots, which can be layered and built up to create a really impactful overall design. For example, you could try using trellises and climbing plants in pots to create height without dense branches of trees – plus you will get lots of lovely fragrant flowers!

Is it an access route?

It’s all very well putting lots of plants and features in the garden, but you will need to be practical too. Do you need access for your double pram, or is the path the only way to deliver big furniture items like mattresses? If the main route to your house is through the small garden, a wide and straight path is probably the best option. Planting next to a straight line can be structured to either play up or down the linear look, as you like.

If your garden is not the main route, we can work on a more curvy design for a garden that is all about leisure. A meandering path with scented lavender, or a patio area with comfy seating – even if you space is small, you’ll be surprised what is possible.

Screening from the road

If your garden faces onto a public area, you might want to think about screening traffic and nosy parkers. The classic approach to this is a big, thick hedge, but this can be overpowering in a small garden. How about some ornamental ironwork, or a painted wooden fence designed to let light through? You could even think about using glass bricks or upcycled materials like wine bottle ends to make a fascinating feature wall.

Whatever your style and budget, we can help you make your small garden a place to be proud of. Just contact us on 01706 813777 or email [email protected] to get started. Your small garden is going to be a haven of peace and tranquility!



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