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Fill your home with gorgeous natural materials

25 June 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Here at Greenstone Design, we’re a bit in love with natural materials.

It’s not just the colour – greys, browns and reds of exposed stone, the countless warm brown tones of wood or the fascinating weathered look of metal – the texture and feel of natural materials are second to none, and we’re wild about them. If you would like to fill your home with long-lasting, high quality materials, we’re the designers for you.

Getting the most of out natural colour is a matter of careful polishing and treating, to ensure that the fibres are protected. We can advise you on how to care for stone, wood and other natural surfaces to make sure they last as well as possible. On the other hand, there is something really lovely about aged surfaces, too. If your house is old and you’re not sure how to show off it’s vintage features, we can help you to bring out the character without losing the cosiness. For example, this image shows how careful use of warm lighting, a gorgeous open fire and lots of natural light bring out the warm tones in wood and brick.

Natural materials don’t just look good, they feel much more interesting than synthetic ones.

The scratchy feel of a rug made from coir, jute or sisal is wonderful underfoot first thing in the morning, while there’s nothing quite like high quality polished wood under the fingertips. Interesting textures bring a whole new, exciting dimension to your home.

If having natural interiors isn’t going far enough for you, you could even think about going for a new build or extension in sustainable, eco materials. We can help you plan a straw bale building, log cabin or stone build that will make you feel completely at home. Take a look at these weird and wonderful eco houses, all built from natural materials, for inspiration – there’s sure to be something to interest you! Just pop in or call us to get started on your new, natural home.

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Michelle Gaffaney
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