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‘Real’ books in your Home!

03 July 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

‘Books’, are they in or are they out?

We are surrounded by so much technology these days, I think we can sometimes forget how a good book can be the escape from everyday life that you need. There are many people that are still in love with an old-fashioned physical book, but there are also many now who pick up a kindle, tablet, or phone instead. So how could having real books in your home be of a benefit? How can you create a space to make your own home library?

We are not just talking having the ability to sneak somewhere quiet to read, we mean actually getting yourself a library at home and surrounding yourself with books. There is hard evidence to support having a home full of books, it has been found that children who come from homes with plenty of books do better in school and life in general. Growing up with books can help a child become more literate, numerate, and technologically apt! (for more info check out the links below) It’s great if you have the space to have walls of bookshelves stacked to the brim with books but what if you don’t? How do you go about fitting this wonderful world of books in? Here are some ideas for large and small spaces!

Library space ideas!

-Use that under stairs space that has been crammed with storage stuff for years!d00cd12d8159e424d61963f195b12312–staircase-ideas-home-libraries

-Have a spare room? Why not become like belle, out of beauty and the beast? and have a full room as a library in your home?


– Don’t have a spare room? Then why not go up high? See below for inspiration.

download (1)

– Build shelving into your alcoves


– How about adapting a snug /living area into a peaceful chill out zone (we love this idea below)


– Do wardrobes just have to be for clothes? Look at this amazing space saving idea!


– Finally, you could create your own library space by investing in a cosy summer house instead


Above is just a few of the great ideas you could use to create that home library that you may desire. Another benefit of Books is they also help add colour, warmth, and texture to a room. No longer is it a blank wall its a wall of life, of personality, and memories. The library you have created becomes a place for you to de-stress, and a place to allow your mind to let go. Don’t forget your home library isn’t just about the books it is also about having a quiet place you can slip off to. Ensure you have a comfy chair, some nice soft lighting, nice smelling candles/incense, and have the room decorated the way that makes you happy and relaxed. So go on whats stopping you? Make your own beautiful home library.

For further info into the benefits home libraries have on children pop to the link below:

For more home ideas pop to our other posts at:



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