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Love your lounge!

02 June 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

After a hard days work everyone wants to kick back and relax in a beautiful, comfortable and calming living room. Here are some ideas on how to give your lounge a makeover or some TLC:

Whilst it is great to have a lovely open plan area to be the social heart of the home, it is still a good idea to keep somewhere as a sanctuary to escape to, a place to kick back and watch your favourite series, or read your favourite book, or simply relax with your favourite songs.

Focal point!

First, start by establishing a focal point in your room, generally this tends to be the fireplace if you have one, or if you don’t you could create one yourself, or do something different like using some striking artwork. We love this design below:


Once you have decided on your focal point you need to then arrange the furniture in a way that maximises this focal point. You also need to encourage conversation by making sure furniture isn’t too far apart, you don’t want to have to shout! On the other hand don’t put furniture too close together or too much in the room that it feels cluttered and small.

The TV!

Placing the TV in a good position so that everyone can see can be pretty tricky. If you have the funds its a great idea to look into concealing the TV with a fancy electronic cover that can be opened up when ready. However, if not then maybe look into sinking the TV into the wall (ideally above your fireplace) this way it doesn’t take up too much space and gives the room a modern feel.

Decorating your room!

You need to decide on a colour scheme first, its always a great idea to get a few tester pots and do a section of the wall with little squares for you to mull over for a week or so. This way you can be sure your going for the right colour before splurging out on paint, matching furniture, and accessories. Once you have decided on a colour scheme you then need to look for the key pieces that go in the lounge to make sure you can get ones that match, you wouldn’t want to paint the room to then find you couldn’t get a sofa that works in it. After you have found the perfect furniture then paint the room, and if you can’t then it’s time to go back to square one, choose another colour, or you can get items custom made.

A new trend that has taken off in the decorating world is to have ombre walls. To do this you need to look for paint shades that come in gradients. For a subtle effect choose colours next to each other on the gradient, or for a bigger impact choose colours a couple shades apart.

Some of our favourite designs:

10-Most-Beautiful-Living-Room-Designs-2-contemporary1 a8f2a1866cc488618a2d3d9f8a9e9d06 maxresdefault (1) blue-and-black-living-room-decorating-ideas-light-white-brown-alluring-walls-with-surpris maxresdefault

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