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Create a cosy window seat

12 March 18 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Do you have a window that feels a bit unloved? Perhaps it’s a bay window, or in an overlooked corner. A cosy window seat is a great way to make the most of that lovely natural light, while giving you a quiet nook to curl up in.

Choosing your window

First you will need to have a good look at your windows. Picking the right spot is crucial, and it’s important to check for draughts, leaks or other problems with your window before you invest in gorgeous fittings. The best window to choose is draught-free, in a sunny spot and in a peaceful part of the house.

If you have a bay window already, that’s perfect. However, a window seat can be made for other types of windows too, by creating custom-fitted furniture. Consider fitting a wall with bookcases or a wardrobe and making space in the unit for a comfy seat. This is a great way to boost your storage while giving you a special place to sit.

Custom-fitted pads

The next step is fitting your space with pads to make the seat. This is easy to do with simple foam pads, even if your space is an unusual size. Check out specialist fitters Window Seat Cushions to get an idea of what’s possible.

If your window is big enough, you could even think about making it convertible into a guest bed. To do this, the mattress will need to be big enough to be fitted with bedding and you could consider building a screen or curtain into your designs for privacy.

Snuggly cushions

If there’s one thing a cosy window seat needs, it’s lots of soft cushions. This is your opportunity to personalise the seat – pick startling patterns to really draw attention to the seat, or go for something more tranquil if you want a relaxed look. Blankets and quilts can make a seat all the more cosy, especially in the winter time.

If you’re keen to try out a window seat in your home, you might be interested in Better Homes and Gardens magazine’s creative ideas for window seats. We’d love to help you build a versatile, cosy window seat with bundles of personality – just give us a call!

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