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How to create your dream outdoor dining area

13 April 23 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Spring has definitely sprung and the longer days, brighter mornings and lighter evenings means summer is on the horizon.

With the temperature rising and the sun starting to make an appearance, it’s the perfect time to create your dream outdoor dining area, ready to make the most of those summer days.

Whether you have a small balcony or acres of land, there’s plenty of things you can do to create a relaxing and inviting al fresco dining experience.

From choosing the right outdoor furniture to getting the perfect lighting, attention is key. So here are some tips to help you transform your outdoor space into a dining dream.

1. Use practical flooring 

An outdoor dining area will need decent flooring that can support lots of furniture, including your table, chairs, barbeque, and any storage. Make sure to choose a practical, durable surface that is hard (to prevent your furniture sinking into the ground) as well as even and smooth (to prevent accidents) and easy to clean (in case of any spills).

2. Choose the right furniture

Furniture is a key decision when creating your dream outdoor dining area. You want furniture that is comfortable, functional, and suits your style, but it also needs to be durable and able to handle nature’s elements. Look for pieces made from weather-resistant materials, such as metal, teak, or resin.

3. Keep everything tidy with storage

Every garden needs some form of good outdoor storage, especially a garden that can double up as a dining space or outdoor kitchen. If your outdoor dining area is covered, you can keep all your utensils and table linens clean and tidy in kitchen trolleys, boxes, and crates outside; otherwise, make space by installing some clever weatherproof storage – or a shed if you have the room!

4. Make it comfortable

Make outdoor dining as comfortable as it is inside your home! Invest in those extra details that will elevate the space and add extra comfort, especially soft furnishings. Seat padding is a must, but to take your al fresco dining to a whole new level, lay an outdoor rug and add some cushions, throws and blankets.

5. Take cooking outside

If your kitchen is not right next to your garden dining area, transporting heavy dishes between the inside and outside may be a challenge. You could add a barbeque or even create an outdoor kitchen dedicated to cooking so you can enjoy all the stages of al fresco dining in your outdoor space.

6. Create shade

Al fresco dining is perfect for making the most of the sunshine and fresh air, but it’s useful to create a shaded area for those times when it gets too hot or you just need a little bit more shelter. Adding a parasol or umbrella can provide you with the protection you need, or you can use a canopy, arbour, or pergola to create the same effect.

7. Lighting is key

You want to be able to enjoy your space during the day and late into the night, so lighting is key. Outdoor lighting can include everything from hanging string lights or lanterns to installing a permanent lighting fixture such as wall-mounted or recessed lighting. You can also use lighting to create a particular mood or atmosphere. Using soft, warm tones will create a warm and relaxing ambiance, while bright and colorful lights can bring a sense of fun and excitement.

8. Add a heating source

Outdoor dining doesn’t have to be only reserved for the warmer months. If you add a heating source you can make the most of it during cooler evenings and extend your outdoor dining season for as long as possible. From firepits to outdoor heaters there’s a number of options to help you create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

With these tips, you can transform your outdoor space into your dream dining area perfect for relaxing, socialising and enjoying meals with friends and family. Start planning now and get ready to make the most of the warmer months ahead!

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