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Internal Doors are just as important!

22 October 18 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Internal door ideas just for you!

It may seem such a small thing when designing your home but internal doors can make quite an impact, and transform your interior space entirely. Here are some ideas for some on-trend internal doors for your home or work space.

Link your interior and garden room

A great solution for linking your house and garden room is to use a pivot door, one that is designed to help keep the cold out in winter. These doors can come in various widths, and be single, double, or triple glazed.

Choose a textured veneered design

Wood veneer doors have consistent colour and grain, and provide an eye-catching contemporary look. These doors can also come in a fire door option, and various widths.

Choose a wood and glass design

If you don’t fancy just a plain wooden door why not liven things up with a bold, modern design of wood and glass together.

Add charm with a painted door

Don’t be shy! Either employ the services of a professional or if you have a creative flair pick up the paint brushes yourself and turn your internal door into an art piece.

Create a temporary wall with an internal bi-folding door

Folding-sliding doors look as good between rooms as they do leading to an outside space. They make a great compromise between having an open-plan space and solid doors separating different rooms.

Create a contrast with dark against light

A door can really take centre stage in an otherwise neutral decor scheme. Walnut veneer works beautifully when set against pale wall finishes, creating a contemporary effect.

Try something different with a unique design

Who says doors have to be plain? Why not combine colours and patterns and try something a bit different; just make sure you don’t end up making the room look too busy by putting too much design in the area, if you are going to have a fancy door than tone the area around it down.

Mazimise light and space with a seamless glass door

This style of glass door maximises light flow when closed, and slides into a pocket in the wall for a fully open doorway. You can have various styles and finishes of your choosing.

Create a twist on a classic wooden door

Clever panelling can instantly update the look of a classic wooden internal door. Why not try different effects to compliment the original frame.

Pick a quality classic to match any interior

If in doubt, go for a classic design in solid wood, or a veneered design with a solid core, paying attention to craftsmanship and the manufacturer’s experience. You can’t go wrong with a quality solid oak: it will last ages and will look great as part of any interior, traditional or modern.


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