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Be Inspired By Nature!

12 February 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Get Inspired By Nature!

Look to the soft earthy colours and patterns that nature provides to inspire you when it comes to designing your property.

Bring nature in by dressing your rooms with natural materials such as wood, stone, and more. It has been shown that by creating a space with plenty of nature surrounding you, it lowers stress levels, and induces a calm environment for you to relax in, as well as being organic and beautiful.

You can get so much inspiration from nature for your interiors, from beautiful florals, to trailing foliage through to colours and palette combinations that breathe peace into the home. This is not to say nature doesn’t bring bright, and bold schemes but seeking earthier, gentle tones leads to a calmer area, with a more organic design. There is a large selection of fabrics and wallpaper collections available now that are embracing the charms of nature in their designs.

As well as designs with a botanical theme, colours and textures play a big role in the natural look. The finishes can vary between matt, natural, and rustic, and the textures between linen, cotton, and weaves. Having colours in a muted, and grounded palette make the environment restful and appealing.  You have to carefully consider how you design this area and how to evoke the tranquility of sitting in a beautiful natural landscape of your choosing.

Key Ingredients:

  • Colours – Should be natural rather than completely neutral, however you can blend some neutral colours in around the other colours you choose. You need to be confident in using nature’s palette. Rather than vibrant shades, the dirtier, smudgy tones work best. An idea of colours you could use are rose pink, duck egg blue, sage green etc.
  • Fabrics – Ideally you want your materials to be 100% of whatever material they are made of, though those with other fibres are fine just try avoid any a shiny finish. Matt textures give a more natural and rustic feel. However done right, having some contrasting surfaces/effects can give a very elegant finish.
  • Flooring – If going for a wooden floor go for an unpolished finish, and get some natural looking rugs to add texture to the space. Stone and other tiles can also offer a lovely, natural, textured finish, with a rug thrown over to add warmth.
  • Patterns – Floral, leafy, or plant based are the key patterns to have in your space, especially the ones that are true-to-life scale, as they offer the most natural look. Tweeds, stripes, and herringbones mixed in give a gentle contrast to the scene.
  • Walls – should be kept matt, use an emulsion or chalky paint to get the best natural finish. Make sure you keep any painted areas matt and not shiny as this undoes the natural looking effect.


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