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Micro Desking!

21 August 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Many people are now working for themselves, or having to work from home these days. However working from a laptop on your knee, or hunched over a breakfast bar/dining table is not ideal. That is where a micro desk could be the perfect solution, they don’t take up too much space, and provide an area solely for you to work.

Here are some ideas on how to create your micro desk:

A cove desk!


Got some little cove areas in your home that aren’t much use for anything else, then create a desk to work at with shelves to store your work on.

A window desk!


Instead of  a seat in that window pop a desk in there, not only is fairly spacious but there is plenty of light too.

Inside the wardrobe!

closet-office-space-6 15d52d6c4415517e81bd57977d2d63a1

Want a desk that you can close away? Then why not convert a wardrobe or store cupboard.

The fold away!


This handy little desk fixes to your wall and folds away, what a fab idea!

Along the wall!


You don’t have to take up a chunk of the room with how small laptops are these days, a simple shelf around the edge of the room works.

What to do to create a micro desk in your cupboard:

  1. Empty the cupboard fully out.
  2. Fill in any holes, sand until smooth and then paint whichever way you please.
  3. For the desk, trim an old worktop, or buy a wide shelf. Then fix into the cupboard atop of two pieces of wood fixed to the wall.
  4. Add in some shelves above to store your work books, stationary etc.
  5. Add a plant, some stylish accessories and get to work.

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