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Bi-Fold Doors

08 August 19 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Bi-fold doors are a fantastic way to open up a space and to bring the inside and outside space together. They create an uninterrupted expanse that not only feels bigger but is also great for more social events too. Even when they are closed they still bring in plenty of light, and by having a traffic door you can still have access to the garden without having to open it all up.

Bi-fold doors come in various designs, such as timber or aluminium, or a combination of the two. A look to suit all interiors and gardens can easily be found. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

The Steel Look –

give your home a modern look with these trendy steel double glazed doors.


Maximise the Light –

Allow more light in by adding custom made windows above the doors.


All seasons –

you can even get bi-fold doors that can be gas filled to keep the cold out in the cooler months.


Different colours –

your doors can be a different colour on the interior to the exterior.


Aluminium Frames –

Using this style of frame allows a larger area of glass for better views.


Open it all up –

Maximise access to the outside by fitting doors on two sides of a room.


Keep it classic –

Use timber frames, that can be stained and also have bronze inserts added, to keep a traditional look.


Keep it cool –

Opt for built in shades on your doors to keep the interior  of your home cooler in the summer months.


Minimal Lines –

For a sleek look opt for glass bi-folding doors with minimal frames.


When designing your home to have bi-folding doors fitted remember to consider the material and style very carefully to ensure you achieve the perfect look. If you are unsure of the best style then consult an architect, or house designer, they will be able to offer you advice not only on whats best for your design but also possibly the best place to purchase the doors too.

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