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Victorian kitchens

14 October 14 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

Clean, warm and full of shining utensils: a modern take on the Victorian kitchen gives you all the pleasure with none of the toil. We can help you build a period kitchen with style, class and comfort.

If you have a Victorian home and want to make the kitchen the heart of the household, we can help you to create the perfect Victorian kitchen.

Heart and Hearth

If you have the space and the budget, you might want to think about having a traditional range: they keep toasty all night long and provide a real focus for the space. However, for many of us a range is simply not practical. Fear not – they come in gas and electric models too! Take a look at the options from Rangemaster to get you started. If a range is not for you, we can help you to choose a different focal point for your kitchen such as a window or particular area.

A Trusty Table

What’s a kitchen without a kitchen table? There is something exquisitely beautiful about a well-worn table that has seen generations of breakfasts and teatimes. We recommend something solid, in light wood such as oak or pine. Whether you want a vintage bashed-about look or something brand new, the table is an investment that will really transform the space. We could even make you one from reclaimed wood if you want a really rustic look. Victorian Pine has some excellent tables to get you thinking.

Shiny and homely

The secret of combining Victorian kitchens with modern convenience is to go for ornamentation that creates atmosphere, while discretely introducing modern gadgets. Hide dishwashers, washing machines and gadgets behind solid wooden cupboards and draw the eye to classic cooking implements like the copper spoons in the picture. Against a white tiled background, copper is light-catching and gorgeous. Pudding basins and jelly moulds, retro tools and vintage posters will all give your kitchen an authentic feel. This Elle article gives a window into the world of weird and wonderful Victorian kitchen utensils.

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