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Exposed brick walls for a modern interior

11 January 16 Author:Michelle Gaffaney

It is possible to create some fabulous interiors using revealed brick walls. The rich red, yellow or brown of brick and its interesting texture makes an exposed brick wall a real asset in a modern, relaxed space. There are some key rules to follow, though.

1. Plenty of light

If there is not enough light in your interior, whether natural or artificial, an exposed brick wall will look gloomy and a little cold. The look works best when there are large windows or a carefully design lighting system indoors to make the look feel cosy, not chilly.

2. Don’t overdo it

In many smaller spaces, it is overpowering to have all the walls left as exposed brick. If you’re lucky enough to have a large space with high ceilings then stripping back all the walls might be an option, but otherwise you are best to go with a single wall or section of wall. Choosing an internal wall will help to keep your property insulated – you don’t want to strip insulation from an external wall.

3. Soften the look

Exposed brick walls work well when they are contrasted with another texture or material. This could be the smoothness of some lovely 1950s furniture, shiny seat coverings or soft furnishings in muted colours. If you’re going for exposed brick walls, that will be the most powerful aspect of your design. Everything else should be chosen to compliment that key focus.

4. Be prepared for a rough surface

It can be a bit of a shock when the plaster is first peeled back from a wall. Bricks are not always as pretty as they look in the design magazines, so you need to decide if you’re happy to live with the character of a bumpy wall with the odd mismatched brick, or if you want to invest in some rebuilding to tidy things up.

If you’re not sure if you want to go for an exposed brick wall, why not look at these images of how the look can work on Architecture Art Designs or check out this Houzz page.

Do you think an exposed brick wall could work in your home? Why not give Greenstone Design a call on 01706 813777 to discuss your ideas?


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