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How to create an alcove desk!

15 May 18
Michelle Gaffaney
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Do you need a desk but it wont fit in any of the small spaces you have? Or maybe you have a desk but want to adapt it, make it smaller to free up some more space? Well with a little bit of imagination and elbow grease you can get the desk space you desire.

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A Workplace and Sanctuary in the Attic

24 Apr 18
Michelle Gaffaney
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All to often, home-workers find themselves squeezing their home office or studio into a kitchen alcove, working on the dining room table (between meals, that is!) or even running a business from the corner of their bedrooms.

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I’m converted: your unique hideaway

10 Feb 15
Michelle Gaffaney
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Have you ever dreamed of having your own private bolthole? Maybe you want a private haven at the end of the garden, or think you could break up your workplace with an enclosed meeting room. We’ll help you create a unique hideaway with charm and style.

1. Choose your structure

The first step is to choose the structure for your new bolthole. The sky’s the limit with this – it could be an old bus, a railway carriage, a freight container or an old boat; or maybe you want to build something new from reclaimed materials. It could be a treehouse, perched up in a sturdy tree with beautiful views, or an old caravan given a new lease of life.

2. Get the basics right

Here’s where our design expertise is at its most practical – you’ll want your bolthole to be warm, damp-free and easy to look after. We’ll make sure the basics are right by installing the right insulation and materials to keep your hideaway just the way you like it.

3. Decide on a style

Your unique hideaway will work best if you make a personal imprint on it. Maybe you have a collection of old cameras that could be put on display, or some beautiful rugs and paintings left to you by a family member? Juxtaposing vintage style with modern comfort is what it’s all about, so we’ll twin antiques with sofas and beds in cosy, flouncy patterns.

4. Select magical lighting

For enchanted summer evenings and cosy winter mornings, lighting is crucial to making your bolthole a success. Candles, lanterns and fairy lights will help you get into a chilled, reflective mood. We can help you find the perfect lights to give your converted space a magical atmosphere.

For more great ideas, take a look at Distractify’s gallery of cool conversions, including some amazing converted grain silos!

We’d love to help you make your conversion a success. Get in touch on 01706 813777 to tell us about your unique hideaway plans.

Small office design to inspire better working

03 Dec 14
Michelle Gaffaney
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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but in order to thrive they need the right look. Why not commission a new look from Greenstone Design – expert advice could take your business to the next level.

Building a business takes hard work, and it’s easy to delay investing in your surroundings while things are in the formative stage. But your environment affects how you feel about yourself and how you work with others, so at some point you will need to take a good look at your office design.

Here’s the process we use to make sure your new office inspires better working:

1. We take time to get to know your business

We want to be sure your new office is built to meet your needs for years to come – and that means getting to know how you plan to grow and develop. Do you plan to expand and take on new staff? Are you going to be selling a new product or service that needs extra space? We’ll take all these things into account in designing your new workplace.

2. We’re open to a range of opinions

We take time to really get to know how your office is used on a day to day basis. That means not just keeping the boss happy, but making sure the junior staff aren’t sitting in a draught, or that the cleaner can get the vacuum out of the cupboard easily. You can only find out these problems by taking a range of opinions on what works and doesn’t work in the current design.

3. We’re prepared to help you out of your comfort zone

We know you want more from Greenstone Design than just a brush of paint and some new flooring. Our small office designs rearrange the space to make it more usable, whether it’s cubby holes for quiet phone calls, flexible meeting spaces or a big whiteboard for sketching out ideas. Design can change the way you work, but that can mean tough decisions – clearing out the clutter is the first step. It can seem scary, but you’ll never look back!

4. We help you take that next step to greatness

It’s so rewarding to get feedback from clients whose business relationships have been improved by simply having a more welcoming, productive work environment. Your office makes a statement about what your business does and where it sees itself going – you can’t afford to risk being held back by uninspiring surroundings.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at’s gallery of jaw-dropping small offices that will get your heart racing.

Get in touch with us today on or call 01706 813777 or 07845 175262 to set up an initial consultation to get your business looking shipshape.



Urban design in your home

30 Oct 14
Michelle Gaffaney
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Graffiti isn’t just about tagging and scribbles on the bike shed anymore – the best street art is colourful, inspiring and embodies the spirit of its geographical location. You can commission a brilliant, unique piece that will transform a humdrum space.

From the streets to the home

Big cities like Bristol and Leeds have real street art scenes – whole districts where graffiti is arguably an art form rather than a nuisance. We’d never recommend painting anywhere illegal, but it must be said that the form has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Using bricks and mortar as a canvas gives a whole new sense of scale and the impact can be astonishing.

Commissioning urban design in your home

If you’re worried that this will involve trying to approach an artist down a back alley, don’t fret – we can help you find an artist to give you just what you’re after. Maybe you have a dull backyard with an ugly breezeblock wall, or a converted warehouse apartment that would benefit from a huge mural. There is no better way to stamp your mark on your home.

How to choose a design

The options are endless – you could create a portrait of a loved one, produce a modern interpretation of a much-loved landscape or go for something more abstract or muted. The look works best when the rest of the space is fairly muted, for example with plain brick or whitewashed walls. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be there to help you through each step of the journey, picking the surface, artist, design and accessories to help you pull off the look with aplomb.

Getting started with spraypaint

Curious about how this could work? Check out some examples – Urban Art have a gallery of great spaces; Houzz has some impressive ideas for graffiti interiors; Apartment Therapy shows off some knock-out ideas for daring decor. Just give us a call on 01706 813777 to discuss how it could work in your home or workplace.



Cool lighting to transform a space

02 Oct 14
Michelle Gaffaney
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The nights are drawing in and you’re going to be reaching for that light switch earlier and earlier. Make your home a source of inspiration with cool lighting in bright colours and distinctive shapes.

I’m a total sucker for a beautiful light fitting. The right choice can make you feel playful or reflective, glowy or professional. There’s no excuse for having dull lighting that does nothing for your home or your mood – check out these ideas for cool lighting that will brighten up your life.

Pendant lamps

I love, love, love pendant lamps. Think big shiny bulbs on old-school trailing wires arranged over a kitchen table: modern, bright and so easy to do. Mix it up a bit by using primary-coloured wires against a white ceiling for a simple, modern look.

Example: E27 pendant lamp by Skandium.

Standard lamps

Forget that dusty eyesore your granny used to have. Standard lamps are functional and cool, whether you want an ironic take on tradition with some garish patterns, or something more contemporary. Free-standing lamps add character and colour to a room without being too bright .

Example: Navy tripod floor lamp from

Comic lighting

Give your home a sense of humour with novelty lighting. Too many novelty lights can definitely kill a mood, but one carefully-chosen piece can give your home a cheeky bit of character. This is a good one to experiment with – we’d be happy to make something bespoke for you to reflect your personality!

Example: The Charles Bowler Hat Light by Mr J Designs

Air Design

If you’re holding a party and you want to be bold and colourful, there is no cooler lighting choice than Todmorden’s own Space Cadets. Any shape you can imagine can be created for you as a bright, glowing inflatable.

Example: Space Cadets Air Design

Home Lightboxes

Simple but effective, lightboxes are translucent boxes fitted with neons or bulbs. They are incredibly versatile: your favourite photos or artwork can be mounted on the front, or a bespoke cut-out panel crafted to give a middle eastern effect.

Example: Houzz’s gorgeous example of a forest scene lightbox

We’d love to help you find an unusual, fun and cool lighting solution for your home. We can help you find the perfect piece to make your home light and lovely. Just give us a call to discuss your needs on 01706 813 777 or email today.