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How to add a two-storey extension under permitted development rights!

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If you need more space in your home, you may be able to extend under permitted development without a lengthy planning application process. If your property has full permitted development rights (PD) attached to it, then you will have the provision to extend over two storeys to the rear of your house….

How to create an alcove desk!

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Do you need a desk but it wont fit in any of the small spaces you have? Or maybe you have a desk but want to adapt it, make it smaller to free up some more space? Well with a little bit of imagination and elbow grease you can get…

A Workplace and Sanctuary in the Attic

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If you’re a self-employed artist, business owner or freelancer who works from home, you’ll likely be familiar with the challenge of finding a calm and productive space within your own home. All to often, home-workers find themselves squeezing their home office or studio into a kitchen alcove, working on the dining room table…

What is Cob Building?

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Cob and clay walls formed an important part of the new classroom at Castle Hill School. But what exactly is cob, and how can it be used in building? ‘Cob’ simply means ‘lumps of earth’. Earth is the oldest building material in the world and there are many cob buildings around the UK. Lumps…

Create a ‘Living Wall’ at your home, office, or school

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Living walls are a fantastic way to bring colour and life to your building. Indoors, house plants can make a huge difference to a home or workspace. Why not take this to a whole new level with modular vertical planters, encouraging foliage to cover all or part of the wall of your office, waiting…

Ideas for Building your own Garden Home

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As the days grow longer and the sunshine warmer, we’re seeing an increase in enquiries about garden homes. Summerhouses, studios, arbours, conservatories, even simple patios – everybody wants to extend their home to include a little bit of the outdoors. Here are a few ideas for your garden home, to suit…

The Growing Acceptance of Eco Design as an Integral Part of Good Design!

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First it was the forward-thinking architects and designers who would incorporate ecological thinking into the design process. These architects often provided a niche service that was of interest to a few pioneers. A bit whacky. Straw and hemp was incorporated in to architectural designs for clients that were prepared to…

Bug Inspired!

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Architecture habitats - a picture of a green 'living wall'

Well not just bugs but birds too. We have been inspired by some excellent architectural building design projects that incorporate habitats for birds and wildlife within the fabric of the building. Any new development is potentially taking away habitat space and it is important that this is taken into account…

What Sparks Regeneration?

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Graffiti on a wall, saying the word 'Hope'

I heard a story once which told of an old, dreary, unloved block of flats, part lived in, part empty and cold. It stayed like this for some years only getting worse as the residents stopped seeing the rubbish in the hallways and the mucky walls and stopped complaining to…

Create a cosy window seat

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Do you have a window that feels a bit unloved? Perhaps it’s a bay window, or in an overlooked corner. A cosy window seat is a great way to make the most of that lovely natural light, while giving you a quiet nook to curl up in. Choosing your window…


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