Ecological Design

We have considerable experience in designing ecologically and environmentally sound buildings. These include bespoke homes and social housing, and also community buildings, school classrooms, offices and agricultural buildings.

All our ecologically designed buildings can benefit from the latest technology in terms of their:


Walls, floor and roofing – providing an energy efficient building envelope with the materials used. Designs have included many buildings with SIPs (structurally insulated panels), strawbale walls, hempcrete walls, limecrete floors and lime and clay plastering. Roof coverings have included sedum, meadow flowers and cedar shingles.

Heating options

Designs have included wood and pellet burning stoves, including some with back Boilers linked to existing heating systems. Air and ground source heat pumps, whole house heat recovery systems, solar thermal and PV systems and wind turbines.

Water Saving Technology

Designs have included rain water harvesting, grey water systems and reed bed systems.

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More on Straw Bale Buildings…

Case study:

Our pioneering straw bale build at Castle Hill School, Todmorden

We have experience in many designs which have included using straw bales for the structural walls and roofing.  Using straw bales means you need almost no conventional heating due to the exceptionally high insulating properties of the straw walls. Straw absorbs carbon dioxide whilst growing and buildings of this type of construction have a low, zero or even negative carbon footprint.

Tests carried out on straw bale buildings have shown that they can withstand hurricane force winds, have far superior fire resisting qualities to traditionally built buildings, have amazing acoustic properties and most importantly they are natural, and are just beautiful homes to live in…

We can design you a new home or building. We can build the home for you or even with you…  You can be taught on site, the skills required to help build and create your dream home or community building or classroom.


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